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Do you want to take your business to the next level by setting up a site? The first thing you need is to get a host. We want to tell you that you are at the correct address to get web hosting. You can work with us for affordable and reliable service!

From domain and web hosting, to email hosting and setup, we’ll make sure you leave with everything you need. Available 24/7 on the cloud, all your data will be accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

In need of web hosting in Malta, email hosting and domains?
We’ll be chuffed to get the chance to meet you and offer you a package depending on your needs.

We would like to inform you shortly about our services, offers, …

We are team of professionals in Malta with sound experience in server maintenance, hosting, Web design and development. We offer Web Hosting packages, Web design and development.

  • We have in offer three different shared packages:
    Beginner, Business and Unlimited packages.
  • All packages are on Linux or WIndows operating system which you want to choose.
  • Your hosting package will be active in next a few hours after your payment.
  • Prices include domain registration.
  • We also offer Dedicated servers (Windows and Linux) with dedicated bandwidth
  • One Click Install
  • Free Website Builder
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • 24/7 Support from Web Developers.

Website Hosting you can trust and the Best Website Tools For your in One Place.

Free SSL Certificates
Although SSL certificates are now mandatory, we‘ve still got your back. In fact, all Shared Hosting plans come with free SSL certificates which are automatically set up.

One-click installation
Softaculous is a one-click software installer that includes more than 400 of the most popular applications on the web including WordPress, OpenCart, and much more!

Personalized Email Service
Enjoy a domain-based email address of your choice to represent your business and help manage communication. Here you can add email accounts, set up forwarders, enable auto-responses, create mailing lists as well as aliases. SpamExperts helps to protect against any email threats or viruses.

24/7/365 Free Premium Support
Most importantly our round the clock Support is available for you via Live Chat, Ticket System (Email), Skype.

Reliable Web Hosting Service

We want to start by saying that we have been doing this for many years. In this way, we know very well how a good host service should be.

  • The hosting service should be reliable because you don’t want your data to be lost.
  • A hosting service must not be interrupted, or you will lose customers or users.
  • A hosting service should also be affordable.

At Valettasoft, we strive to make sure that our service is exactly like this.

We Offer An Easy Interface

Thanks to the feedback we receive from our customers, we can answer the question of how good web hosting should be. A hosting should be extremely straightforward. Otherwise, you will not be able to do anything you need to do, and sometimes you may not even be able to share. Our server is straightforward to understand. You will be able to manage your site very comfortably.

You can also contact us for anything you do not understand or if there is a problem. We have 24/7 customer service for our customers.

Hosting Server Mini Single Gold

What kind of  Web Hosting  Services Do We Offer?

Not all hosting systems and services are the same. Each company’s service package consists of different items. We have made a list of our services for you.

  • SSD Only Servers: With this service, you don’t need to be afraid of losing your data. If you work with companies that do not offer this, you may lose all your information in the event of a problem.
  • RocketBooster: As your site develops, you will need more speed. With this service, you can make transactions three times faster. The increasing number of users will not be a problem!
  • Cloudflare CDN Caching: You may be planning to become a world-class site. If you want users to reach your site quickly, no matter where they are in the world, this is precisely the service you are looking for.
  • SpamExperts: Your IP address must be clean. As spam can be a big problem, we aimed to prevent it with this service.
  • Web Application Firewall: As the internet developed, attacks on sites increased. We offer this service to protect against attacks such as DDoS.
  • Free Daily Backups: Your data will be backed up every day.
  • Multiple Server Location: We are a company located in Malta, but we have customers from a wide variety of countries. In this way, we provide fast servers from all over the world.

Vallettasoft offers web hosting for all of your Maltese domains .mt. Take advantage of features such as: Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited FTP accounts, and Unlimited Email accounts all for one low price. Use our Web Presence Builder to create your own Malta .mt parked page so you can start generating revenue even before you are ready to launch your new Malta .mt site. Package all of your services for your .mt domain in Malta and save with Vallettasoft


We provide services in the cloud hosting field. You can work with us to get the best quality of this service, which is necessary for most businesses. You will see in detail what kind of service we offer in our article for a host travel agency, restaurants, bars, cafe, hotels, recruitment agencies and any kind of business.

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Cloud Hosting for Business (Cloud Server Hosting)


As with any service, you may need to understand why this service is required. Especially after the development of the internet environment, this has become very important. We have listed the reasons for you.

● Connecting from a single server can cause interruptions. However, you will not have such problems in cloud hosting. When the connection with one server is lost, you can connect with the other. It is a way to provide uninterrupted service to your users.

● Your site is always securely protected and guaranteed. The system is updated automatically.

● Your users may increase from time to time, and in such cases, the website hosting system steps in and provides additional resources. In this way, your site continues to work uninterruptedly.

● Since you will pay as much as the resources you use, you do not have to pay more than necessary.


The first thing we offer as a web hosting malta is security. Your site will always be protected securely. We take measures against possible attacks. For example, we have a system that works almost 100% against DDoS attacks that have increased recently. It is crucial to be protected from cyberattacks like this.

You will receive uninterrupted service thanks to Cloud Hosting. Since you can connect from more than one server, you will not have any problems, especially if you have a large site.

We take precautions against sudden increases thanks to the load-balanced system. Usually, dedicated servers can be costly, but Cloud Hosting is extremely affordable because you pay for what you use.

Let’s briefly take a look at cloud hosting benefits:

1. The uptime will be increased considerably.

2. It offers maximum security thanks to its isolated resources.

3. It can quickly scale and adapt to any situation. It will not interrupt your site.

4. You will have a private IP address.



Most customers do not know why they need a cloud system. Increasing internet usage makes this system necessary. So, who needs this system the most?

● If you are doing all your work on the internet, you should own cloud hosting. Interruptions can be highly problematic.

● You can choose if you have a high rate of data traffic. Especially e-commerce sites cannot survive without this system. It is required for corporate websites.

● If you want to be a continuous blog site, our suggestion is to use cloud hosting again.

● Do you have a website used worldwide? No matter where your user is from, they can connect at maximum speed because they will receive the data from their home country.

At Valettasoft, we provide secure cloud hosting services with our affordable packages. By agreeing with us, you can also benefit from our easy interface. We have developed an easy-to-use server so that our users can do everything.

HOW MUch is the Hosting Prices in MAlta?

We take care to be highly transparent about prices.  It is starting from 390 euro + VAT in Malta per year. It is powerful full dedicated server in Malta, Netherlands and Germany server centers. Usually for the business websites, it is very comman package. But if you need to have for your ecommerce or mobile apps packages, we have different type dedicated server packages as well.   

You can make long-term agreements by contacting us. We offer all our services to our customers at affordable prices. When you compare us as a hosting provider with other companies, we are sure that you will make the right choice. We have 14 years of experience in the sector.

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