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Large and medium-sized businesses that do not care about digital marketing and do not allocate a budget may fall behind their competitors in the competition in terms of sales. Through digital marketing and digital channels, you can show yourself, promote your brand, increase sales, and establish a systematic relationship with your customers.

Companies now want to exist and be recognized on digital media. At this point, Valettasoft comes into play. As digital marketing Malta agency, we can be with you on this road.

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Digital marketing is a marketing method with a high rate of preference and more advantageous compared to traditional media in today’s technology world, where you can promote your product and service in electronic environment. Digital marketing method is the name given to the marketing process of a company or brand in the digital environment. It is the newest and most developed open marketing method today. The leading companies of this efficient marketing method using digital channels are internet, social media marketing and mobile platforms.

Marketing of a brand, product and service today; It is divided into two main categories, traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Traditional marketing is using direct or indirect methods of reaching targeted customers. These methods are quite clear and simple. You just need to deposit money, perform a series of actions and get results. However, almost everything has changed in recent years and traditional marketing has also been affected by this change. Traditional marketing methods that were once efficient are no longer so efficient in the current market full of complex but huge opportunities brought by the internet.


Are there digital marketing methods that are more valuable than traditional marketing methods? The answer to this question is largely related to the work of your brand and its target audience. As in traditional marketing, there are certain channels in digital marketing, and the more professionally you can use them, the more success you can achieve. Success in marketing also allows you to achieve your goals by constantly making more profit.

As Vallettasoft Digital Marketing Agency in Malta, we have brought together today’s channels with the highest return on investment for you to market your brand, products or services!


We tackle digital marketing through a universal strategy focused on impact. We found that we needed an in-house team who can build out the front end and guide all of the integrations on the backend. When these tactics are used together, they create a holistic approach to getting your business more leads. They build a solid digital marketing framework.

Great expertise in digital marketing activities and strategy including: on line advertising, e-mail, mobile marketing, affiliation programs, search engine marketing, App marketing, social media

Strong background in marketing and Communication strategy (on- line & off -line).


  • -Digital Strategy
  • -Inbound Marketing 
  • -Social Media marketing and Unconventional projects
  • -Cross media strategy and special initiatives
  • -Brand Communication 
  • Market, Business and Products insights
  • Project Management
  • Data source analysis and CRM.
  • 10+ SEO Management, 
  • 7+ years of paid advertising, 
  • 5+ Digital Project Management



Here are some of the digital marketing tactics we employ:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads Advertising
  • Content Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing, Backlinks other big blog websites and supporting your website)
  • Downloadable Content Offerings (eBooks, Whitepapers, Webinars)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Production with Scenarios
  • Website Design A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Link Building/Earning
  • Banner Designs and Content Management
  • Video marketing on YouTube

Digital marketing activities can be very diverse. However, we want to start the word with social media. We can help you on all social media channels.

We know the algorithms of all social media marketing channels very well. We want to say that we are highly experienced as we have been doing this job for 14 years. So, for which social media channels do we serve?

  • YouTube:We can provide you with subscription and viewing support. In this way, your channel will become much more visible. It will be an excellent marketing method to promote and watch your brand with videos. Moreover, if you have a certain number of followers, YouTube allows you to sell. You can both receive advertising revenue and sell.
  • Instagram:It is possible to sell by setting up a business account on Instagram. You can share the video and photo of the product you want. Your sales will increase as your audience increases.
  • Twitter:Twitter is a great way to manage audiences. The interaction is done very closely.
  • Facebook:People have used Facebook for a very long time. Moreover, people are very accustomed to shopping from this medium. By setting up a business account, you can describe your products in detail


According to recent research, 60% of the Maltese population is actively using the internet, which clearly reveals the reason for the transformation in current sales techniques. E-commerce and mobile marketing currently sells the product by choosing alternative methods by consumers. Digital marketing is more up-to-date and adapts to the new world compared to traditional marketing methods.

With the frequent use of the internet, business owners started to sell online. Using shopping sites is not the only way to sell. Social media channels and other methods are a great way to do that.

Companies now want to exist and be recognized on digital media. At this point, Valettasoft comes into play. As digital marketing Malta, we can be with you on this road.

The Maltese digital market is a very competitive area with high expectations from the end-users. We are helping to monitor the usability, keywords, backlinks, and your competitors also of your website from the marketing perspective to assure effectiveness.

  • On internet sites
  • On social media channels
  • In blog posts
  • In infographics
  • Online PR studies
  • Online brochures and catalogs
  • Brand values ​​such as logo, font and color
  • In interactive tools
Online marketing
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In digital marketing, content marketing is actually storytelling for your brand. Content can be anything with a clear message, attention-grabbing images, videos or news. A good story should be original, dynamic and shareable, while still containing effective content. Content marketing provides a great opportunity for different consumer groups that you are not in contact with, to reach a wider audience for your story or message. No matter how effective the content is, it will not be effective if it is not seen frequently.

We can help you in this way through the application and website. You can use all channels such as e-mail and website while doing digital marketing. Digital marketing in Malta is much cheaper than traditional methods. For this reason, we aim to provide you with maximum profit with minimum fees.

We are incredibly ambitious about content marketing. We can make your brand more reliable and visible through the content. At the same time, we know the subject of marketing automation very well. We can help you reach your potential customers with e-mail newsletters.

A simple powerful way to keep your brand and product in the minds of the potential target audience, the marketing technique is a targeting method that tracks customers through cookie placement and displays product ads to them through the web site network.

We aim to make your brand more visible by using every means. In fact, we can do this safely with the website we will create. We are extremely good at creating sites that can be of interest to your customers. We can also support you on social media. You can find a definitive solution to your problems by contacting us. We offer you turnkey solutions.

It doesn’t matter which digital marketing business model you want, because we are very successful in each one.

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How should you choose Web Design Agency in Malta?

Here is 8 important reasons for you to do the website design why you need with us;

1) In order to make the best analysis, we listen to our customers well and produce a perfect analysis document by giving directions.

2) We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. We return all the money we have received for the unapproved website design to you at any time without any deduction.

3) We create your website with the latest web designs and the latest technology.

4) We pass both technical and visual tests and complete the security and load tests.

5) We provide training on the admin panel and usage of your website.

6) After submitting your website, you do maintenance work and you can reach our customer services 24/7.

7) We promote your website on Google, Facebook and Instagram, and provide you with consultancy and advertising services to reach more of your customer base.

8) By providing phone-sms and email marketing services, we increase your customer base and enlarge your brand.

Online marketing


Content is so valuable that it can be described as the heart of all digital marketing campaigns. No matter how much marketing changes around the world, content will never lose its value because there is no marketing without content. For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce site that belongs to your brand. You can invest as much money as you want in the ad, but if you can’t impress them with your content when they click on your website, they won’t shop and your money will be wasted.

How is content marketing done?

Content marketing, which should be done in all areas of marketing campaigns, can be done by ensuring that the content is good, high quality and very relevant if it is necessary to concentrate on the landing page foundation. If you’re selling a product, you can post a video demonstration of the product alongside a great description text. At the same time, quality images of the product taken from different angles are also important. In short, content marketing is a job that can be done to influence the target audience depending on the characteristics of the brand, product and service.


If you want to reach large audiences effortlessly, contracting with thousands of publishers one-by-one and renting advertising space from the website is not your only option. All you have to do in the affiliate system is to give a commission per sale. This way, your affiliate ensures that your ads are delivered to multiple publishers’ placements. In addition, when compared to methods such as pay-per-click, affiliate marketing is a direct result-oriented option.

How is affiliate marketing done?

If you want to market with affiliate marketing, you should set a commission rate. Then you can negotiate with someone and wait for them to run your ads on their networks. Affiliate marketing, where you only pay when you get conversions, is a great option for digital marketing. It may not be just a product or service you market. For example, a brand that wants to bring new members to its website can pay 2 TL per person who becomes a member with a brand reference code. Thus, even though there is no income, you can use the affiliate marketing system to add members to your site.


It is the online version of the traditional PR (public relations) method. Public relations is preferred not to sell a product or service directly, but rather to create brand awareness. For example, it is not very common for the BMW brand to advertise to sell a car model, but in general, the BMW brand is a brand that we come across all the time. Here is an example of public relations. It is important that other people praise and recommend a brand.

How to do online PR?

There are various methods to conduct digital public relations online. You can publish press releases on the websites your target audience visits, or you can announce your brand by sponsoring various initiatives and making donations. In fact, online PR is an endless channel where you can get efficiency with your creativity.


In today’s digital marketing studies, where the definition of the consumer and the nature of the transformation have changed, the frequency of the expected interest from the audience as well as the value of the audience has become the main variables in the interest to be created about the brand and product. The process that starts after the first contact of the visual and audio advertisements with the target audience in brand awareness activities becomes the basis of a bond that is expected to be formed in the medium and long term with the acquisition of the product and service and then the comment/suggestion/repetition.

In this sense, growth hacking techniques have a very important place for an effective strategy and operation in today’s online mobility, where single session, single purchase transactions must be evaluated outside the main strategy. In order to analyze user behaviors correctly, the correct establishment of data sources and following every necessary process are indispensable for the process. The pattern revealed by the analyzed behaviors in the medium and long term can become a very valuable tool for both the effective use of the advertising budget and the improvement of the product and service.

For this reason, accurate, accurate and meaningful data should be evaluated at every stage of the process and turned into useful tools with growth hacking methods.



Almost all brands around the world collect customers’ e-mail addresses as well as other contact information. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels with a return on investment (ROI) of up to thousands of percent.

How is email marketing done?

E-mail marketing is done by sending e-mails about brands, products and services to potential customers whose e-mail addresses are reached, especially existing customers.


ppc is advertising for pay-per-click, primarily on search engine results pages and special areas that website publishers sell. PPC, which is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the words Pay Per Click, has passed into our language as “Pay Per Click”. This digital marketing channel, which can be reached in a very short time, is also one of the most used channels.

How to do pay-per-click advertising?

The most used pay-per-click advertising tool in the world is Google Adwords and it is an option offered by almost all platforms. In addition, advertising space of a website can be rented without the need for any tool.

You can visit our Search Engine Ads page for our pay-per-click advertising services.


Search engine optimization (SEO), which is considered to be the digital marketing channel with the highest return on investment, is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization in English. It is carried out with the aim of obtaining organic visitor traffic by appearing in the first place when the relevant keywords are searched on the result pages of search engines.

How is search engine optimization (SEO) done?

When the search engine is searched for a keyword, it lists the most suitable one among the related web pages in the top row. Thus, most of the searchers visit the web page that is in the first place, which is the most suitable for the algorithm of the search engine. Web pages where search engines do not charge per click or similar fees attract potential customers for free. That’s why SEO is done by optimizing the web page to the search engine algorithm.

You can get information from our Search Engine Optimization service page to get organic visitor traffic by ranking first in search engines.


Many people visit blogs, forums, and other websites that are interesting or useful. Digital marketers can reach potential customers by placing display ads on third-party websites.

How to make a display ad?

Various display ads can be published on all pages or only on the relevant pages of the websites considered to be visited by the potential customers of the brand. Examples of display ads are banners, interactive ads, video ads, interstitials, overlays, and any other form linked to a landing page.


Campaigns and promotions that trigger users and enable them to shop are a good digital marketing technique. You can increase your sales with the campaigns you will offer to your target audience and potential customers through your site and turn customer visits into profit.

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