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We are a web design development and mobile app company in Malta and provide website design and development, e-commerce, mobile applications (IOS and Android development) , hosting and SEO services.

We make attractive and creative website designs for all kind of business. With 11 years, we collect thousands of web design and mobile apps designs on our portfolio. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our typical end-to-end website design and redesign costs starts from 1,500 euros

Each business’s needs are different, so due to variations in scope, pricing from one web design to the next can be quite different.

We need to have a quick meeting to understand your project scope well, than we can easily calculate website or mobile app design development price which is more refined estimate. If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the pricing, request a quote here

Basic package is starting from 2.750 euros for both platforms (IOS and Android Markets) Of course it depends your project scope and needs.

Mobile design and development is depending on many factors including purpose, functionality, features, use of visuals, development hours, team strength, etc. So we need to calculate per project scopes. Request a quote here now!

Yes, we can easily design and develop an mobile apps for your website. We use cloud databases so the data will be synchronized across your website design and mobile app as well. We run many different mobile apps like this way in Malta. You can check out our IOS and Android mobile apps on our project pages

Yes, we have years of experience in developing e-commerce apps for a single vendor or multi-vendor work types. We have also built apps with the latest technologies like AI and AR. We develop messaging, User Engagement, Payment modules, Admin Panel and Analytics Tools. Than we install the apps to IOS and Android Markets for you. And all apps and websites are compatible to Malta payments and regulations. Request a ecommerce quote here now!

We are the best custom web design company in Malta that offers inspiring web designing services with soothing colors, awesome visuals, a user-friendly layout, comfortable and pleasant user experience that will elongate users’ stay while encouraging them for repeated visits.

Our professional web designers are certified in all forms of design practices and try their best to make a website that fits your business needs. 

We offer you what we do best: website design, mobile apps design, ecommerce, optimization, and full-stack development.

We prepare and present corporate web design applications, which have become your virtual face in the digital world, with the most accurate infrastructures. 

We make custom websites with the latest designs, layout, and templates that are rich in giving attractive and intuitive UI/UX to the business and help you to grow it more!

Do not miss the chance to deliver your brand to the whole world and increase your sales figures with original web design applications.

It is extremely important that it has some features in order to get the result you want from corporate web design applications. We make your work a little easier in this process thanks to our corporate web design applications that we have realized with a modern looking and easy interface.

With the SEO studies we perform in our corporate web design applications, we ensure that your ranking is higher in internet searches. We use keywords suitable for every sector and institution in SEO work.

Agile, efficient and search engine friendly we create the codes that deliver the best performance and allow your website to rank higher on search engine pages.

It is also very important to have a management panel specific to the websites that will take place in the online environment. Because in this way, it becomes possible to manage and edit the website and make new adjustments on it in accordance with the requirements.

As Vallettasoft Web Design company, we can add a comfortable administration panel to the websites we design, in the highest quality. In this way, we are able to deliver a website to our customers that they can use more dynamically and efficiently.

With a good website management panel, adding images and videos to the site, changing the text content, creating new web pages and SEO arrangements can be done easily. Having a good management panel is a very important issue as it will make the site more controllable and manageable.

In all respects, it is necessary to make good graphic arrangements at the design stage of websites. Because this is one of the factors that will have an impact on people and attract them to the site. Websites with good visuals always have the potential to attract more visitors will have.

This means that products and services will be presented to the target audience more effectively to a significant extent. The logo of the site, the fonts to be used on the site and the images to be included in this site are included in the graphic design processes. We can also perform site graphic editing works very well by our expert teams within our company.

It is also necessary that the websites can be used very comfortably in all aspects and can be easily navigated in them. It is important that many desired and sought-after things can be easily accessed from within the site.

Therefore, there is a need to provide an effective interface to the site within the framework of a good infrastructure. If the sites are opened quickly and easily after logging in, then people will be much more satisfied with this situation.

Within the framework of the web design services we offer, we are able to create websites that meet your needs, taking into account this important issue. Need more information, contact us!

Similar to questions regarding website cost, the timeline will vary greatly based on the scope of your web design project. Typically, our end-to-end build projects take 4-6 weeks to complete. Need more information, contact us!

We have an even balance of start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and enterprise clients across a multitude of industries. To get a better sense of our wide range of web design projects, check out our client’s list.

Our digital agency was founded in 2011, so we have almost 10 years of experience transforming brands’ online presence. Need more information, contact us!