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Over 14 Years Experiences in Website and App Design Development.

Vallettasoft is a web design development agency, we offer creative web design and best coding website design services and huge extensive projects.

We listen, assess your business requirements and suggest ideal website design solutions.

We build dozen different web designs for small to large companies and also 11 different countries.


It is fitting for all mobile smartphones and all platforms. Just like Google wants.

We are not only making website design, we serve branding services, maintenance websites and marketing.


Move your business online with Vallettasoft today. You can choose the one that meets your needs from our website packages or order a custom design.

Do you want a website with more detailed functions? If you want a website that is designed and coded completely for you, our talented design and software team is ready to roll up their sleeves! Tell us everything you need and get a special price quote for you.

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    How we develop your website?

    We start with a brief quiz about your goals for the website, colours and brand elements, content tone and a few other questions. Your answers would help us with the writing of the website content and let us get started on the design. We would then give you a link to the draft homepage, which you can browse on your devices, so you’ll know exactly what your new website looks like.

    From the draft homepage we take your feedback, make changes, get everything confirmed with you, and proceed to the rest of the pages. Before long, your new website will be ready to launch!

    Creative Latest Web Designs

    In web and mobile application design studies, ValettaSoft uses the most modern design tools, robust working processes and performs a comprehensive target audience analysis & sector analysis to provide your site exactly what it needs. 

    We are confident that you need a company that carries out design works focusing on data and analysis today, where the meaning of your presence in digital world is highly related to your competitors’ strength in the industry. -Hey, only in this way can you gain competitive power!

    We coordinate with our company’s software and web design teams to modernize our design systems and maintain a company-wide component catalogue.


    Increase Website Revenue

    We use an SEO audit tool to diagnose issues and identify which pages need fixes. Then we branch out from there to create improvements.

    FIRST: We find and fix technical issues. We do fix broken links and other broken stuff.

    SECOND: We do dig deep to identify pages to improve.

    THIRD: We do evaluate and improve site architecture. Things like navigation and categories and interlinking pages.

    FOURTH. We do implement design tweaks. Usually we make full redesign. But tweaks of the existing design, layout and so on.

    FIVE. Reach more potential customers with our digital advertising on Facebook, Google and Instagram. We specify your user/customers segment and design advertising banner or video, than effect to potential customers to buy or more interested in with your service or products.


    Search engine optimization is something that should be applied to every website. You can reach more visitors by optimizing your website according to the rules and criteria requested by search engines. For higher traffic, it is necessary to focus on more popular words and to work on words with a higher rank. We focus especially on Seo Malta and EU countries as a Malta SEO Agency. 

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    What brings success in e-commerce is the increase in online sales. The digital features that enable an e-commerce site to be preferred in online shopping determine the expectations of digital consumers. E-commerce strategy requires applying digital marketing methods that will affect the purchasing behavior of the digital consumer. UX, that is, user experience analysis is important to know what online shoppers prefer and why. The light of the roadmap when determining strategy in e-commerce is user experience. It is very important to choose the right strategies in order to drive traffic to an e-commerce site, make sales on the site or get feedback with comments about customer satisfaction.

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    The web hosting performance you need!
    Hosting with unlimited disk and traffic for your websites.

    Vallettasoft is one of the best performing hosting companies in Malta. We gave nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. We serve users the opportunity to choose with different hosting options.

    Our emphasis on customer satisfaction is evident from their responses. They both give punctual answers and solve the problem in an explanatory way. In addition, Vallettasoft gives importance to site security and gives free SSL for life.

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    How should you choose Web Design Agency in Malta?

    Here is 8 important reasons for you to do the website design in Malta why you need with us;

    1) In order to make the best analysis, we listen to our customers well and produce a perfect analysis document by giving directions.

    2) We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. We return all the money we have received for the unapproved website design to you at any time without any deduction.

    3) We create your website with the latest web designs and the latest technology.

    4) We pass both technical and visual tests and complete the security and load tests.

    5) We provide training on the admin panel and usage of your website.

    6) After submitting your website, you do maintenance work and you can reach our customer services 24/7.

    7) We promote your website on Google, Facebook and Instagram, and provide you with consultancy and advertising services to reach more of your customer base.

    8) By providing phone-sms and email marketing services, we increase your customer base and enlarge your brand.

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