2022 Web Design Trends

The web design industry has come a long way in recent years. We can say that the world conditions in recent years have carried us to this point even faster. Web design; Since it is the intersection point of software and design technologies, it is normal for new web design techniques and trends to emerge. So what will be the 2022 web design trends?

User-friendly navigation, data security, fast loading and creating an optimized website with search engines will always be considered in web design work, even if there are permanent points, likes and trends will come and go. However, if you want to highlight your website in the ever-evolving online ecosystem, it is necessary to follow these trends and keep up with them.

– Dark Mode
– Collage Works
– Anti Design
– Minimalist Design
– Organic Materials
– Illustration
– Functionality and Accessibility
– Movement and Interaction
– 3D and Geometric Designs

Dark Mode

For many years, white ground and white predominantly design have been preferred as a safe haven. Because working with white has always been more comfortable. Web Design software tools do not require much effort, as many things are planned according to white by default. In addition, considering that colors have a language, white is a more pleasant and safe color for many users.

Since a few years ago, it was now the choice of many designers in dark modes. In 2021, we started to see dark designs and materials frequently on many websites. It is also known that many web designers prefer this style, knowing that dark design consumes less battery and is less tiring on the eyes.

Apparently, 2022 will be the year of dark design.

Collage Works

Collage 2021 has become an option frequently used by designers on websites, social media and graphic design works. Collage is created by mixing photos, drawings, gestures and text in the same setting to create an inspiring and eye-catching design. Collage looks complicated for some, but it is also a very inspiring option for others. It is certain that it will be a highly applied area in 2022.

Anti Design

First of all, it should be said that Anti Design may not even be a valid design for many people. Because, as the name suggests, it includes works that are very contrary to the well-known and popular design works. Anti-design movement consists of design contents that do not contain any concerns and even ugly. Asymmetrical layouts, exaggeration, distortion, hard-to-read text, overlapping layers and ugly elements …

In web design works where everyone targets perfection, it is possible to leave this perfectionist segment with your Anti Design website. It should also be admitted that if we consider that the time spent on the website is a very important data; It is inevitable that the user will spend a lot of time on your website because of this confusion.

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