Web Design Steps

Here is Web Design steps which we follow as a web design agency in Malta for 12 years .

1: What is your expectation from the website?

The first thing we do is to seek an answer to the question that will determine the whole structure and style of the site; What should be the code structure of the site?

We decide on the code structure according to your expectations and requirements from the website. Each of the PHP and HTML5 code structures has separate features, advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. In order for the website to satisfy you, it must have a correctly selected code structure.

2: The design process

If you have a branding work (corporate identity), the design work based on this will be important in terms of ensuring corporate integrity.

The design process is one of the two most critical stages in web design. Our job as designers is to present your company better than it actually is. Your website should not make you look smaller, amateurish, but rather professional and larger. Remember, your potential customers who enter your site from the internet will form their first impressions on your website.

3: Application

The application is the stage where the text and images of your company are uploaded to the site. Placing the texts on the site in a way that will have a visual integrity, and uploading the images in accordance with the site standards are the important points of this stage.

One of the most important elements that will provide the visual strength of the site is the text and picture standards. The fact that the site does not have a standard of its own will mean that it is complex and will prevent the creation of a professional image.

4: Quality tests

After the text and images are uploaded, we test the site for compliance with international code standards. By correcting the errors that occur in the tests, we reach the “0 error” criterion. Quality standards ensure that your site works efficiently and runs smoothly in all browsers. At this stage, your site goes through 5 separate tests.

5: General optimization

In the fifth step, general optimization of the site is made. In order to increase the efficiency in search engines; A 16-stage study consisting of tests and applications is carried out. Due to this work we do on all our sites (even if they are not a search engine site), the sites we do get good results.

6: Monitoring

All our sites are constantly monitored with special software. Thus, we have the chance to see and intervene the changes on our sites on a daily basis.

During the monitoring process, backups are taken periodically and code updates of the site are made.

7: Support

Our experience shows that; Customer requests continue for 6 months after the site goes live. Our customers, who visit the site every day, naturally come to mind with something new and make demands from us.

One of the most important differences of Ithaki Agency is the support service it provides, no matter how long it takes. Our general understanding; As long as our logo is at the bottom of the site, we are responsible for it.

8: SEO Malta Strategies

Professional SEO services are provided to our customers who specifically request them. In fact, SEO is a process that includes complex studies, covering a period of months. As you can see on our SEO achievements page, we can say that we are quite successful in this regard.

In our SEO work, you can monitor the development process with monthly reporting.

Website Design

Special web site software is coded with the software language you need and, as a result, includes the ideal software hardware for you.

Web softwares are very effective infrastructures in terms of reflection of efficiency-oriented working style on business performance.

All the web software projects we have mentioned above; These are software created specifically for you that increase your company performance and quality and save you time and money.

With its 13 years of web design and web software experience, Vallettasoft offers web software solutions in the best possible way.

Web Design Software

The area that is not visibly noticed by the users, but is the brain of the relevant system in the background, is the web software. For this reason, while defining web software, we can collect all software content on the web that serves a specific purpose under the title of ‘web software’.

Into the web software; A website with special software also enters, and CRM software created specifically for your company enters.

Web Software Projects

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
They are comprehensive software that provides business development by managing workflows in the most efficient way.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System
They are software designed to manage and report your daily business operations at a high level.

Web Site Management Panel

They are panel software that provides web site management with minimum effort, including web site written and visual content management.

Micro E-Commerce

It is simple and plain e-commerce software for small and medium-sized businesses that provides access to more customers with low budgets with a highly secure infrastructure.

Advertisement and Portal Sites

The ‘Ad Sites’ that you interact with through the postings on your site as a result of the relevant search, and the ‘Portal Sites’ software that allows you to present more than one category content to users at the same time.

Agency Program Software

It is software that allows you to find the ideal website member for casting, organization and production companies.

SMS System

They are software that provides bulk SMS sending that allows you to reach a wider user base with a low budget.

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