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Vallettasoft Brand management is a method that Vallettasoft company uses at an advanced level in the marketing world as a leading branding agency in Malta.

Brand management application is applied in companies with more than one brand. If you own more than one brand and you want to separate these brands and manage them with high performance, I can tell you what you need to do.

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Do your customers recommend your brand with enthusiasm and enthusiasm?

We help you honestly assess whether your products deliver the value your customers desire and whether your marketing style really tells that story, and combines scientific analysis and creative magic to create a customer-focused brand strategy that goes far beyond your brand management plan.

As a Malta digital marketing agency brand management professionals, we shape proven techniques to help clients create distinctive brands and understandable/acceptable brand architectures.

How Does?

We analyze!..

We help organizations identify the benefits and experiences that make their brands relevant, distinctive and credible to their customers, and develop strategies to differentiate brands through superior positioning relative to competitors.
This often means repositioning existing brands to better meet customer needs!

We are positioning!
As organizations launch many new brands and sub-brands to meet the diverse needs of their customers, we help define the roles and relationships of brand assets within a portfolio and unify brands within a complex brand architecture to reduce complexity, overlap and costs.

We have a promise!..
Our holistic business approach enables us to collaborate effectively with our customers in implementing brand strategies and helps us determine what the organization needs to do to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers.

We are developing web design and digital marketing strategy!..
Developing the benefits and capabilities offered by brands allows customers to own their brand strategy and brand. We work to structure and design roles and role definitions and use training academy designs to help employees learn by learning.

We keep it alive!
We help clients develop the metrics they need to understand where they’re starting.


Other services that fall within the scope of my brand management consultancy:


Every brand sets out to attract attention, to be remembered, to be known, to be the first choice of the customer. Finding a good brand name is one of the most important steps of branding. The right brand name allows you to start the game 1-0 ahead of your opponents. “The most important marketing decision you can make is what to name a product,” said Jack Trout, the famous marketing genius.

Whether it is a large institution, a small store, a fast-moving consumer product, an intermediate product, a factory, a service company, a building, a project, a movie, a book, a competition, a web design space, Naming a business entity is not easy, nor should it be. Because good names are scrambled. If you want to find a name that works, you have to think hard and do a lot of research.

We usually don’t put much thought into naming our business assets/values. However, if you want to become a brand, grow continuously and create a value that defies centuries, you need to think carefully and decide when choosing a name.

A good name increases the preferability of the brand. A good name should be easy to write, easy to read and easy to remember. It should sound good, it should not resemble other brands, it should not be cooked, it should be used all over the world in terms of meaning, it should be unregistered all over the world.

We can help you find a unique, brandable name for your product with creative, scientific and investigative approaches.

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Building a Brand Architecture

Do you have a corporate brand, product brand, store brand, sub-brands and many more? Can’t your brands differ from each other? Are your brands’ positioning conflicted? Do you offer non-branded products under the same brand? Did you use your family name everywhere? Do you want to collect some products under a single brand and get rid of some brands? The time has come for you to restructure your brand architecture.

Every company starts out with a single name. As the business develops, new products, factories, stores, investments emerge and it is necessary to give them a name.

Misnaming your investments, products and services can cost you dearly in the future. At the very beginning, you need to classify and name your future brand architecture.

We are ready to prepare brand architecture that offers you opportunities now and in the future.


There are hundreds or even thousands of different groups in society, and within each group there are people with similar characteristics. That’s why each group needs a special approach. The same goes for your target audiences. Segmenting audiences into logical segments is called segmentation.

It is aimed to develop presentation and discourse according to the needs of each segment, thus creating interest and demand for the brand. Your target audience is most likely a large group and these groups can easily be subdivided. For example, two divisions as private and public sector can be easily made for the office furniture company. But the private sector can also be sub-segmented; mid-size companies, advertisers-architects-lawyers and many more sub-segments.

You can develop special campaign and communication tactics for each segment. In other words, instead of seeing your target audience as a whole and moving forward, you should divide it into subgroups and develop marketing strategies and sales tactics specific to groups. In time, you may even need to develop a special model or brand for some of your segments. Or you may find that some segments are not profitable and exit.

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How is Brand Management Done?

What basic criteria should be met by the actions taken to achieve the goal of “being a brand”, in other words, what is brand management? We quoted it in the title.

So how is brand management done?

We can evaluate the application of brand management, in other words, how to do brand management under 3 main headings.


is in the form. But before that, there is a preparatory phase. At that point, we are responsible for the following;

So, at the beginning, we make a supporting analysis based on a strategy. We realize our self-awareness based on certain metrics (eg target audience, market, stakeholder, product, service, location, demographic, competitor, customer, need, etc.) for analysis. We integrate the obtained data with a purpose and determine which tools and ways we will use while moving towards that goal. Then the phenomenon of “management” comes into play. And then, periodic reporting starts as daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly. In this way, we provide the application related to brand management.

So is that all?

More precisely, is there a finish line in brand management?


Just like the operation of a wheel, in the process called brand management, it always moves forward with the same logic, but with different strategies, regular analyzes, new goals, tools and ways. Of course, there are books full of applications that can be said about how the issue is handled. But here I am content with just conveying the logic of the business.

On the other hand, in our article on “branding” about brand management, I will be explaining which responsibilities we should fulfill in articles.

Importance of Brand Management

What is Brand Management? and How is Brand Management Done? We answered the questions in a conceptual, that is, theoretical way. We will now answer another question that will set our awareness threshold in motion. For this, “Why?” We will use the question suffix.

Brand management is important because this is the case of that company; It shows that it is ready for an institutional structure. Because for brand management; departmentalization, specialization, corporate awareness, process management, budget management, human resource management, internal communication, continuous education policy, etc. cases such as And these are not the kind of responsibilities that every firm will provide. Only businesses with high corporate awareness, that is, the enthusiasm of becoming a brand, and therefore ready to make sacrifices for this cause, spend effort, time and energy for brand management.

So, we can say that the way to the brand goal begins with the acquisition of awareness about brand management. In this step, which we can call prebranding, the business; In its own timeline, it is in the pre-branding period, that is, in the stage of corporate primitiveness. With the awareness of brand management -even if it does not take any steps towards how-to work, the business at least gets rid of this primitiveness. In summary; The first step for corporate modernization is awareness of the importance of brand management.

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