Web Design Process and Tips

What are we doing during the design process?

  1. Thinking phase, It is the stage where ideas are put forward to create the desired design.

2. Wireframe phase
It is the project preparation stage created to determine the functional setup of the whole project without even touching the “T” of the design.

3. Interface drawing stage
After the determined criteria, it is the stage where the interface design is drawn and the work is put there.

4. Interface drawing stage
Design coding phase
Design Coding (according to Google Lighthouse) Google Lighthouse: It is a scoring system that Google offers you as a result of examining your website on two platforms, mobile and desktop. Creating your website; Image, css, js and source file usage is minimized and instantaneous reactions are taken in the fastest way possible.

5. Software coding and Panel integration
Software Coding and Beach Panel (Content Management System) Integration: It is the integration of your design and software, whose coding has been completed, to make the system work.

Your software and design; It is to pass certain tests and controls so that errors do not occur and your system works properly.

7. Live Deployment
It is the publication and delivery of your website that passes the tests.

Corporate Web Design

Corporate web design applications are one of the services that our company pays attention to and pays attention to.

Web Design Is A “LOVE” For Us

We set up different sites with our professional work and practices, bringing an innovative breath to the sector and with our vision of the future.

It is a well-established company that delivers its web design productions to all four corners of Europe! We offer the most suitable solutions for your design and software demands. If you are researching web design prices, do not decide without contacting us! We will be happy to share with you detailed information about the web design examples we have produced and our history.

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Our Advantages

We produce boutique web software projects tailored to your requests.
It is more stable and faster with its code structure free of unnecessary code structure.
We bring your mobile application ideas to life.
We produce software to ensure your business process management.

Special Project Development

We ensure the realization of web and mobile-based software projects you want to implement. The details of the software project you want are taken from you and within the scope of project planning, the necessary features are reported.

The designs prepared within the scope of the project are compatible with all mobile devices and tablets. After the project design phase, the design drawing and coding of the project is done. then integration between design and software is provided. Since the code structure of your project is free from unnecessary codes, it works fast. If it passes the necessary tests and controls, it becomes ready for broadcast.

What`s web design for us?

The answer we will give to a question as to what is web design: It is the process of design ideas being guided and arranged by certain principles for a purpose in the aesthetic line and turning them into practice (design into software). After these processes are completed, an active website emerges. After the web design (active website) application, end users can access websites over the internet with the help of a web browser. This may be the shortest answer we can give to the question of what is web design. So what is web design when we consider it in detail? How should a good web design be? Let’s start to explain.

Web Design Elements

As in every branch of design, studies are carried out by creating certain main lines in web design. We present these to you in short titles below, we share with you the tips of a quality work.

Layout: The graphics and texts to be used must be in a certain order. An important goal of websites is to help users quickly find the information they are looking for at first glance. This is a situation that can be valid with the design being balanced, showing consistency and maintaining its integrity in order.

Color: The choice of color is dependent on customer wishes and purpose; Although this can be done simply with black and white colors, the personality and brand of a person or an organization can also express itself by using web-safe colors.

Graphics: Graphics can be used as logos, photographs, clipart or icons for web design. In terms of ease of use, it should not be in a very congested structure, it should be in a size that does not affect the opening speed of the page, should be compatible with the content of the web page, and should be positioned appropriately.

Fonts: You can improve the design quality of a website by using a variety of fonts. Most web browsers can only display the so-called “web-safe fonts” legibly, so it’s worth taking care to work with fonts within this widely accepted group as a designer.

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Content: Content and design can work together to improve the message of the site through visual and text. To surprise the reader, it is necessary to give them what they want, so that they will spend more time on the site. The written text you use should always be relevant and useful. They should contain keywords related to the content, be optimized for search engines and make sure that they are of appropriate length.

Creating User-Friendly Web Design
When developing a website, you always need to consider the end user with the web design essentials to make a site beautiful and visually stunning. User-friendly interfaces can be easily obtained by paying attention to the factors listed below.

Navigation: While designing the web design site architecture, menus and other navigation tools should be created by considering how users browse and search the website. It should be designed in a way that is efficient for users, aimed to find the information they need, and helps to move easily within the site.

Multimedia: Relevant video and audio stimuli in design can help users easily and quickly develop understanding and grasp information. This may encourage visitors to spend more time on the website.

Compatibility: To increase the correct display of the page, to get the same performance each time; Take care to design a web page that can run smoothly in different browsers and operating systems.

Technology: Taking advantage of advances in technology gives designers the freedom to add permission, movement and innovation to always implement in a fresh, dynamic and professional web design.

Interactive: Increase active user engagement and public engagement by adding user comments into the design. Turn your visitor into users you interact with constantly by offering e-mail forms and e-newsletter registrations.

We Should Think Versatile When Designing Web Design

With all this information, we can create a perfect user-friendly interface (UI / UX) design for a satisfying web experience as web design professionals. After the critical planning and analysis process, we can transform the design to be used into a simple, elegant and artistic structure to use. While doing all these, not forgetting to pay attention to individual or corporate customer characteristics and wishes will bring success with it.

This is the answer we can give in length to the question of what is web design. With these criteria, a quality, healthy and user-friendly website can be obtained.

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