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With the corona virus, awareness of online ordering and its convenience has increased, and there has been a great interest in online ordering systems. Experts predict that the online trade turnover, which will occur in 5 years, and the transition to the digital environment will be completed in 1 year. As such, the virtual market application comes at the beginning of the digitalization processes of companies, especially markets. Due to the high franchise costs of projects such as “Bring, Come Back, Banabi” that have achieved success in the sector, markets or entrepreneurs have opted for virtual market applications with their own brands and logos.

Now, we will discuss and inform you both the virtual market software we have developed, what you need to know about it, what are the extra costs outside the application, possible mistakes and many processes.

Where should I start?

First of all, you need to find a name and check if the name is included in the online brand inquiry link. If your name is not branded by a different person, then you can now have a logo and buy a domain with that name.

Which Technology should be used in Virtual Market Application Software?

One of the mistakes that we constantly encounter in the sector and that causes the project to not end is that they try to develop the virtual market application on separate platforms for both android and ios. The company finds a person, asks that person to develop this application for both android and ios, and then this person cannot finish the project. Here is one of the most common scenarios. Developing the application separately on both iOS and Android platforms will cause you difficulties in the future if you do not have a minimum of 4 or 5 teams within your body. And what we are about to say is proof that this is not necessary.

Today, there are structures such as flutter and react native that create the same android and ios native output with a single strong coding and work very fast. We developed the project we developed with the React Native library. React Native is a technology that is constantly updated and developed by Facebook, and companies such as Instagram, WIX, Facebook, Uber, Skype, Tesla, Pinterest, Oculus use its infrastructure in mobile development. So get peace of mind in terms of speed and capability.

To Whose Market Is the Application Uploaded?

If you want to install the application in your own market, you will have an extra cost. You can look at the figures in the extra costs section below. Opening a Market Android is easily opened by specifying the name you want for both the company and the individual.

Alternatively, if the company that makes the software has a market, you can have it installed there. The important thing here is licensing while the application is printing. As long as the licensing and the key are on your behalf, it doesn’t matter which market it is installed on. As Vallettasoft, we can open a market place for our customers quickly.

The Process After Uploading the Application to the Market

Even if you have done tests while printing to a company or person and you are sure that it works smoothly, when you upload the application to the markets, you may encounter the situation that the parts that work in the simulation or apk tests do not work in the markets. You can understand the examples of this from the world’s giant applications on your phone, which sends version edits many times. For this reason, I recommend you to buy or rent software that has been tested in a live environment before. Phone brand model-based problems and integration compatibility process, at least, you will get an application. Otherwise, if you are the first to develop or develop this application, you have to deal with these processes.

Installation and Usage Statistics

If you are going to do result-oriented analysis with advanced advertising studies, you can use advanced panels such as admost and adjust. Apart from that, you can easily follow the application usage, promotion rates, download, deletion, location and user-based graphics from the firebase panel that is given to you when you purchase the application.

Advertising works

Many companies have the idea that after installing the application on the market, they distribute it to peers and make them download the application or the application will be spread organically. It is very unlikely that it will spread without advertising support in this regard. Ad only apply

Does your supermarket business need support on the way to e-commerce? Do you want a solution where the website and the app are together?

As a 14-year-old company, we are incredibly experts in both application and web design. Moreover, we provide extra benefits in supermarkets. You can learn the details of our service by reading our article.


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What Kind Of Site Are We Designing?

Supermarket web design issue is significant because there are more products than you can count in the markets. All this should not be confusing. Customers should quickly find the products they want. The only way to achieve this is to create a site that is both effective and easy to use.

Your shopping cart must be available on your site. Customers should be able to view the products they add to their cart easily. This will be possible thanks to a separate page that we will put at your site’s top.

A transparent website should be created for returns. A grocery web design is crucial, where the return policy is clearly explained, and at the same time, returns should be done quickly.

Your customers should easily register on your site. If this process is complicated and the time is kept for a long time, the customer may give up signing up and shopping. As Valettasoft we know this, we create an easy registration system.

What Are The Advantages We Have In Our Package?

Buying a ready-made supermarket website helps you do your job easily and quickly. So what does Valettasoft offer you extra?

  • You can satisfy your customers with multiple payment options. With the site we will create, you can receive payments from many cards. This way you will have all kinds of customers.
  • We will create a feedback page on your site. People who see that there are satisfied customers with you will decide to shop faster. Moreover, you can improve yourself thanks to the feedback.
  • You can easily list the products you need to deliver. This will help you to work in a planned manner and not to victimize customers.
  • Your customers can repurchase the products they ordered before with a single click. Such a fast system will appeal to all customers.

All The Features We Offer You

As Valettasoft, we are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After ordering for the installation of the supermarket website, we listen carefully to your requests. We deliver your site as soon as possible in line with your wishes. The sites we create are protected against cyber attacks.

At the same time, you will have no problems with payments. Your customers’ identity and payment information will be secured. We can also develop an application that integrates with your website. You do not have to get support from different companies in your e-commerce process.

You can make both the application and the website just by working with us. Moreover, we can produce applications for both App Store and Google Play Store. We take care that both your site and application are easy to use and liked by customers. We want to state that we have completed many projects in 14 years.


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