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What is SEO consulting? 

Websites may want to get SEO consultancy to increase their visibility on the internet and drive more traffic to their site organically. In its most basic summary, the SEO consultant does some SEO work for companies that want to improve their SEO site by developing strategies on this subject.

It is possible to get organic traffic by working on SEO without SEO consultancy; However, companies that do not have much experience in SEO studies may have difficulty in this regard and may damage their sites by making wrong practices. Doing this job with SEO consultancy will help you increase your SEO performance and increase the conversions you will get.

SEO consultancy, individuals or institutions specialized in search engine optimization to carry out SEO studies for companies that want to increase the performance of their websites and increase their visibility on the internet, and produce content that will respond to search queries; Developing SEO strategies and doing SEO-focused work on and off the site.

The people or institutions that provide SEO consultancy tell you what you need to do by developing a strategy.

How to get SEO consultancy?

As in all areas of digital marketing, there are issues that you should pay special attention to when getting consultancy services on SEO. Before you get these services, you should know what the SEO consultant is doing for you. In this way, when you receive consultancy services, you will also learn what kind of services you will or should receive.

Our seo malta services

Choosing an SEO consultant and fulfilling this profession is not an easy task. The duties of SEO consultants are as follows:

  • To make suggestions about improving or changing the websites,
  • Managing statistics using web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Finding keyword ideas and alternatives
  • Creating or editing a sitemap
  • Working to control and increase site speed
  • Preparing monthly reports on the work done
  • Correct Robots.txt usage
  • Checking Lack of https security
  • Checking duplicate content
  • Checking broken links

While getting SEO consultancy, the services you will receive in off-site works will be as follows:

Buying links from outside

You should buy links from sites recommended by our SEO experts and get traffic from these sites by printing paid articles.

Our Seo consultant suggest your content writer for improving your articles for our SEO strategies according to the Google policy.


Frequently asked questions about SEO consulting

How much are our SEO consulting fees?

Just as every website is sectorally different, every SEO process is different from each other. The calculation of their prices is based on several key elements.

The density of search volumes in the industry affects pricing.
The size of the industries and the difficulty of competitive volumes affect pricing.
The website’s current ranking states and process states affect pricing.

It is usually costing 590 euro and changing with a lot of different website types and customers requests. 

Why should I get SEO consultancy?

If you do not have experience in SEO, you will reduce the SEO value of your site by making wrong practices. Getting consultancy services makes it easier for you to work on this issue with the right strategies and increases your return on investment.

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What is SEO service?

SEO service is all of the SEO-oriented work and strategies provided to companies that want to increase their visibility on search engines and drive traffic organically.

How long will it take to get results with SEO consultancy?

SEO studies are long-term studies. Even if you receive consultancy on this subject, the results of these studies will vary according to the intensity of the studies.

Which metrics should be measured in SEO studies?

There are different metrics you need to measure while doing SEO studies. These metrics may differ according to the studies and strategies determined. However, for more information on the metrics you should measure in general, you can read our other SEO Malta services pages.

Is there a clear time to be successful in search engine optimization SEO?

Since the size and competition of each sector is different, an average time can be given after the process analysis is done. However, it should not be forgotten! Nobody is a Google employee and processes can take longer/shorten for unforeseen reasons.

After what period of time is it correct to do SEO work?

Just as we trust the old brands more and think that the trade with the brand name is safer in our current life… Google has such a perception and working logic. Google has a process of recognizing and learning every website. For this reason, we do not work for new sites that have not completed 2 months yet.

Are you improving the design and speed of our site?

The 2 main elements that Google cares about in websites are; user experience (UI&UX) and fast opening of pages. While doing your process analysis and planning, we identify the points that need improvement on your website. 

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Does Advertising on Google Ads Contribute to SEO Studies?

Work done for SEO cannot stand alone unless it is fed properly. In order for Google to rank you on the first page, signals from real users are always needed, even if you are doing everything right. In order for your SEO Consulting service to give accurate and precise results, the process must be fed with Google Ads ads.

Because Google; It can analyze the signals given by the end users with advertisements much more easily and have faster and easier information about your site. For this reason, all studies must be supported by Google Ads. You can review ourservice page for detailed information about Google Ads Advertising Consultancy.

Does your business need SEO services?

If you have (or need) a website which will generate leads/purchases with the right traffic sent to it, then you definitely need SEO services. If you had to take potential leads and spread them out on a scale from cold to hot, the majority of leads that are generated through SEO are definitely on the hot end due to their intent. And what business doesn’t need more hot leads?

For businesses that want to be ahead of the curve in Malta SEO is a no-brainer. That’s because of a combination of competition from overseas markets, along with the apathetic approach to SEO that many local businesses suffer from. If you’re ready to take the next step.

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