Our Happy Clients

We participate in website (.Net, PHP, Ecommerce), Sharepoint Intranet Projects, and hosting services clients which are from US, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Egypt and Malta.

US Projects:
Smartereum -https://smartereum.com
Whatsaround - https://whatsaround.com
Theoofy - https://theoofy.com

Netherlands Projects:
Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), Vrije Universiteit (VU) University of Amsterdam (UvA) common project name is ARIAS. - https://arias.amsterdam
Adobike Ecommerce https://adobike.nl
Daphnis https://daphnis.nl/

Malta Projects:

Posh Turkish https://poshturkish.com
Hotel Ta`gianni - https://hoteltagianni.com
Ozsofra Kebab - https://ozsofrasliema.com
Moos Kebab - https://mooskebab.com
Malta Stone Market - Instagram and Facebook
Hasan`s Turkish https://hasansturkish.com

Poland Projects:

Cosmegram http://www.cosmegram.pl
Modafan Pl http://www.modafan.pl

Spain Projects:

Rota Tur - https://www.rotatur.com

England Projects:

Kasperskian - https://www.kasperskian.com/

Turkey Projects:

Malta Dil Egitim https://www.maltadilegitim.com

Our Active Projects


We are developing website, managing Twitter and Instagram account together for Smartereum which was launched in United States.

The Oofy

We are supporting Twitter and Instagram together. This company launched in US.


We developed order delivery website and also social media, launched in Malta.


This company launched in England. We manage and support to their website.

Cosmegram Pl

Cosmetic company is working in Poland. We manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts and their websites together.

Oz Sofra Kebab

Turkish Brand has been working for 16 years. We manage Social media and Website.

Stone Market

We are managing our clients on Instagram and Facebook accounts. Company from Malta.

Malta Dil Egitim

Turkish Company is working in Malta. We manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts.

Moos Kebab

Turkish restaurant is working in Malta. We developed their website and managing websites.

Amsterdam University

ARIAS is a research platform by the Amsterdam University of the Arts between artistic research and research in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Whatsaround (US)

This is sort of earning coin with photos and videos on around enviroment and places. This company launched in US.

Rota Tur

We are supporting Twitter and Instagram also website. This company launched in Spain