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Digital Marketing in Malta is marketing services offered through radio, television, social media, mobile applications, e-mail, web applications, search engines, websites or other digital channels.

Or in other words, digital marketing is marketing activities involving electronic devices.

Digital marketing can be done offline as well as online; Both types are essential for a versatile digital marketing strategy. We can examine online marketing, one of the main pillars of digital marketing, under the following headings:

Search engine optimization (SEO Malta)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Content marketing
Social media marketing
PPC ie “Pay Per Click” marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Email marketing
What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

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Content Marketing

We reach your potential customers with our inbound marketing services that we have been carrying out successfully for years and ensure that you get permanent, measurable results.

Seo Services

First, we analyze your industry, your competitors and you, then we create a unique strategy for you, we ensure that you get results in the 100’s of keywords you target.

Web Design

We create creative, functional, mobile-compatible, secure and modern websites for your business, enabling you to reach your target customers more easily.

Digital Advertising

With our internet advertising services, we help you reach the right customer in the shortest time, with the least cost, and get optimum results.

Social Media Management
Social media management is not about taking likes, but about establishing a bond with your target customers and initiating an effective and permanent dialogue with your brand.

Creative Services
As Magna Digital Marketing, we write real, eye-catching visual stories by keeping a strong brand at our center with our creative services under the line.

SEO Analysis
With mathematical data, we find the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and your competitors, extract the best practices in your industry, and provide a clear picture.

Digital Marketing Malta Consultancy
Sometimes the touch of a competent staff changes a lot. Valletasoft Digital specializes in value-added solutions and optimized digital consulting.

Digital Marketing Trainings
With our trainings, we tell our partners, marketing teams in every sector that want to increase their digital marketing performance, and the world of digital marketing from A to Z.

Digital marketing is one of the marketing components. Just like any marketing tactic, using a few of the online marketing tactics will undoubtedly help you reach your potential customers. However, in a world where even traditional devices such as refrigerators, ovens and even billboards are modernized to take advantage of digital media, using all digital marketing tools simultaneously as a whole within the right strategy gives you numerous advantages. Like what?

You reach the right audience at the right time, on the right platform, at the most affordable cost. You can diversify your messages according to the features of the platforms, while selling directly on some platforms, you strengthen your bond with your customers on some platforms. Platforms support your goals according to their features, you can remind your brand. Thanks to your content marketing strategy in the search engine, you can show yourself on social media channels to a potential customer who enters your site, explain the benefit of your products or services on video platforms, or even advertise on all channels to the audience who just visited your site. On the one hand, you can sell your products or services through 3rd parties, and remind your customers returning from the basket via e-mail marketing.

Which Target Audience Is Digital Marketing Suitable For?
Moreover, contrary to what is often thought, digital marketing is a great option for companies that offer B2B services as well as B2C. Yes, it is more difficult to identify the B2B target audience. However, since the target is narrow, both digital marketing activities are much more economical than B2C and the rate of returning to sales is higher. Not everyone wants a special piercing with a diamond tip for 1 million TL, not everyone is looking for a sock manufacturer, or the number of people who want titanium zinc coated roof is very low. However, it is vital to present the right message at the right time to those who search in this and similar sectors. Low cost, high rate of returning to sale! This audience tends to search down to the finest detail and examine every ad.

When Do Digital Marketing Activities Work?

Each digital marketing tool used has different features, so it gives results in different times. With digital ads, you can reach your customers from one day to the next. With Content Marketing and SEO tools, you can catch your target audience within 6 months to 1 year. However, while increasing the sense of trust with digital ads is difficult and costly, the audience that reaches you through the content marketing tool tends to be more permanent.

For example, if a person investigating the use of a device, its advantages, and the difficulties it causes, sees your site in many queries he searches, gets the answers to his questions, if your blog answers a need, this person will be more likely to buy this device from you. Or, if he / she receives answers to all questions about any service, and if he / she sees your site in all of his / her search queries, that person will be more likely to get this service from you.

While search engines are transformation-oriented tools, social media platforms allow you to establish a connection with customers as well as transformation. Undoubtedly, connecting is a longer and more demanding process. However, once you establish that connection, the tendency of the target audience to shop again increases, and even the target audience advertises your brand for you. Let’s give an example from a current topic. Get 2 brands that provide platforms for trading various cryptocurrencies. Someone responds instantly to all questions from social media, and the other only deals with brand awareness, regardless of interaction. Of course, the platform that answers the questions and deals with the problems of the customers is more likely to establish a connection with potential customers. Customers with whom they have established connections will undoubtedly recommend this platform to their friends.

As mentioned above, using all tools simultaneously within the framework of a correct strategy, brand awareness, sales, customer loyalty, etc. helps you reach many different goals at the same time. Moreover, your productivity increases while your costs decrease!
Remember, as Vallettasoft, we have brought hundreds of our customers, large and small, to their goals with our inhouse digital marketing services, both at home and abroad. Contact us now for detailed information!

Our Advantages

You can reach much more people with less cost.
We can enable social media influencers to promote your products or services.
We can ensure that more people know your brand.
We can make your e-commerce sites where you can sell more.
We enable social media celebrities to introduce you.

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers to promote your products or businesses; We provide your promotions on social media accounts such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram. In this way, your brand becomes stronger and your products more well-known. You can contact us for all details.

Web Ad Management

It is the advertising account management studies performed on advertising platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook. These studies start with choosing the right target audience and the right keywords.

Analyzes are made specific to the sector you are in. As a result of the analysis; Your monthly advertising costs, the audience you can reach and the number of people are offered to you. Advertising consultancy service; allows you to reach the maximum number of customers you can obtain with minimum spending.

E-Commerce Consulting

They are efforts to increase your sales on your e-commerce site. Your website is analyzed and the advertising strategy is determined according to the product groups you sell. After the process, the changes that need to be made on your website (editing of pictures and some areas on the site, arrangements in content areas, etc.) are determined and these changes are applied.

After the determined advertising strategy, target audience analyzes are made. The main purpose of this service is to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum expenditure.

Social Media Consultancy

It is the work that allows you to reach more people and more followers on social media. In order for your social media accounts to become more popular, more people are informed about you with interesting visuals and posts that provide interaction.

These studies; It is done on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It is the whole work done to rank high in search engines. First, analyzes are made on the internal structure of your website and correction reports are prepared. After the correction process, promotions are made to make your website popular.

These studies should be done with meticulousness and timing. Otherwise, your website could suffer.

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