Creative Web Design Feautures 2021

Before designing a website, you should think carefully about the design of the website. After creating the website, you should start the website construction by creating drafts at the beginning of the process, not by trial and error method. You should set certain intervals for yourself and try versions such as demo and beta at these intervals.

We have prepared a few design suggestions that we think may help you while designing your website.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Chatbots
  • Voice Active Interface Infrastructure
  • Uses That Experiencing VR
  • Animated Icon Designs
  • Micro Animated E-Commerce Sites
  • Round and Naturally Lined Shapes
  • Minimal Designs That Are Not Boring
  • Bold and Intense Colors
  • Designs According to Color Psychology
  • Mobile Roaming Suitable for Thumb UX
  • Well-Edited Dynamic Videos in Banner Area
  • UX Focused 3D Icons
  • Attractive Designs With Text Orientation
  • Retro Inspired Design Editing
  • Bold Accent Font
  • Infographic Data Visualization Based Design
  • Dark Mode Effect for Comfort and Modernity
  • White Space Design That Provides Content Refreshment
  • Original Websites with Newly Created Drawings
  • Full Screen Homepage Design
  • Photo Websites Enhanced with Graphic Edits
  • Attractive Textured Gradient Backgrounds
  • Interactive 3D Animated Content
  • Frosted Glass Effect That Makes Texts Stand Out
  • Smart Content Upload
  • Page Load Speed
  • Simplified Interface
  • Product Photos Enriched with Imagination
  • Unusual Neon Color Combinations
  • Video Editing Embedded in the Background
  • Responsive Interactive Dynamic Homepage Visualization
  • Split Screen View with Scroll Effect

All of the criteria we have listed above are hardware shaped in line with the customer’s brand vision and spirit, long before the creation of the web design.

To summarize the 2021 web design trends; functionality, strong visual perception and intense UX focus.

While creating the website, the planning phase should be completed by considering the environmental factors of the relevant company. These environmental factors provide information about user behavior and seeking. Therefore, when creating a website, you should not forget to analyze environmental factors correctly and adapt it to the project.

Award-Winning Best Web Designs in 2021

Before we get to 2021, let’s review the web design trends of the past year. In 2020, the focus in web design was dynamism full of functionality.

In this sense, websites;

  • Responsive Design
  • Font Based Themes
  • Pastel colors
  • Animation and Illustrations
  • Big Screen Usage
  • Parallax Effects
  • Site Speed
  • Using Full Screen
  • Video Background

The website trend approaches that we mentioned above are created by taking into account today’s internet user behaviours. Because the website without visitors is doomed to be lost in the void. That’s why today’s internet user also wants their website navigation to be as efficient and impressive as possible.

The visitor, who cannot find what he wants, leaves the relevant website in a second and does not return here again. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that web design trends are constantly changing within the framework of user experience focus.

Now let’s talk about the web design trends of 2021, which is the year we are in. The pandemic, which made its impact felt all over the world, was also reflected in web design. The needs in this area have been reviewed and the demand for e-commerce platforms that make life easier has increased.

Apart from e-commerce dynamics, the reflections of start-up initiatives that increased in 2021 is another issue that has an impact on website trends.

In the field of web design, besides the broad visions of the people who created the website, qualified customers who demanded this unlimited vision were also influential in the creation of brainstormed and inspired projects in the field of web design.

Let’s add a little more information. International Color Authority Pantone Color Institute announced the color of 2021 as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

1. Draw Attention to Your Site Using Infographics
5 Tips for Creative Website Design

Infographics are very important for the design of your website. It helps you to give your site a serious look. Instead of writing the information you want to convey for pages, you can transfer information with a few simple graphics. There are numerous and different formats of infographics that you can use. It is useful to review these infographics and organize them in a way that you can adapt them for your own site.

Graphics that are used in a timely and functional way become memorable. This way, you have a very good chance of having a website that your visitors can visit again. Try to standardize the graphics you use. Your visitors can integrate you with the graphics on your website. In this process; You will have the opportunity to increase the brand value of your website.

2. Have a Website with a Simple Appearance and Deep Infrastructure
5 Tips for Creative Website Design

Thousands of users of different ages, genders and languages ​​can visit your website from many places around the world. You need to organize your website so that everyone can visit it. The symbols, linking, headline size, images and advertisement areas you will use should not distract visitors and they should be able to easily access the information they want.

You should definitely place commonly used fields prominently on your website so that users can easily spend time on your site. You can make sure that the menu bar is standard and opens from the designated area in each visited page and fulfills its function. Your pages should be standard, but; In this process, you should definitely not neglect to develop infrastructure works.

While your website has a plain appearance, you should definitely provide all the necessary arrangements to improve its infrastructure. At this stage, you can take as an example a plain-looking website where the content is customized for the user. The deep infrastructure behind the plain design is; It will catch everyone’s attention.

3. Create a Design that Interacts with Users
5 Tips for Creative Website Design

When users visit your site, they should feel an intelligent presence in front of them. Users browsing the web pages should be aware that they are not alone and that there is a site they can interact with.

Enable users to get feedback as they navigate your site. Ask them to evaluate your design. Don’t just try to interact with comments, you can discover new ways to interact with users.

4. Get the Industry Analysis Right
Even if you are a simple blogger who will create your website, definitely examine the designs of websites that provide content on the same topic as you or have a market in the same industry. Make evaluations with the eyes of the user. Then you can start doing various research on what you can do that is different and more remarkable than your competitors.

Before you plan to design your website, definitely visit websites in the same category as you and think about how you can make yourself stand out from them. The aim here is to learn about the structures of other websites and to catch some clues about the websites used by the audience that will visit you. What sites do users visit? What kind of visit experience will they have with the site you will create?

If, after viewing your site, users visit your site and not other sites, then you have succeeded in demonstrating your difference. At this point, you can gain an advantage by analyzing your competitors correctly.

5. Push the Limits of Design Rules
For a quality and catchy site design; It will be beneficial for the design you will create to be different from the existing designs and to include minor changes in a way that will not be completely. If you design a website by breaking all design rules, your visitors may become unfamiliar with your site. But a very small but remarkable, even slightly shocking innovation can enable you to create a good website in a very short time.

Try to learn as many design rules as you can. But; Customize some of them while you implement some of them. In fact, create some of the rules from scratch. It will be beneficial for you to create a unique and different atmosphere for your site. You should make every visitor feel that you created this web space from top to bottom!

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