Web Design Process And Tips

What are we doing during the design process?

  1. Thinking phase, It is the stage where ideas are put forward to create the desired design.
    2. Wireframe phase
    It is the project preparation stage created to determine the functional setup of the whole project without even touching the “T” of the design.

3. Interface drawing stage
After the determined criteria, it is the stage where the interface design is drawn and the work is put there.

4. Interface drawing stage
Design coding phase
Design Coding (according to Google Lighthouse) Google Lighthouse: It is a scoring system that Google offers you as a result of examining your website on two platforms, mobile and desktop. Creating your website; Image, css, js and source file usage is minimized and instantaneous reactions are taken in the fastest way possible.

5. Software coding and Panel integration
Software Coding and Beach Panel (Content Management System) Integration: It is the integration of your design and software, whose coding has been completed, to make the system work.

Your software and design; It is to pass certain tests and controls so that errors do not occur and your system works properly.

7. Live Deployment
It is the publication and delivery of your website that passes the tests.

Corporate Web Design

Corporate web design applications are one of the services that our company pays attention to and pays attention to.

Web Design Is A “LOVE” For Us

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