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With Vallettasoft's cutting-edge Web and Mobile App design development services with AI news helper tool, discover the future of news.

We offer the most preferred news software which is used by Newyork times, CNN Press Room, Microsoft News, Time Magazine, Vogue,New York Post, Time Magazine, TechCrunch etc. 

Our talented team produces informative and user-friendly news websites and mobile apps that captivate audiences like never before.

Utilize cutting-edge layouts, easy navigation, and immersive features to stay one step ahead of the competition. You can rely on Vallettasoft to exceed your expectations with a visually stunning and fully optimized news media platform.



Vallettasoft News Web and Mobile Design Solutions

Revolutionize your news organization with Vallettasoft's transformative web design solutions. Leave your competitors in the dust as you attract a larger audience and streamline your news operations. From captivating article layouts to seamless user engagement, our web design tools are designed to enhance your online presence. Experience the unrivaled power of Vallettasoft's News Web Design today and take your news platform to new heights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to excel in the digital news landscape.

News Software

Configure your website with unique designs and features, and deliver your news site to your visitors most efficiently with the possibilities of the latest technology!

Mobile App Platforms

For those who want a mobile news application that can be presented through their own account on AppStore and Google PlayStore, in addition to the news site.

Advanced Management Panel

With the advanced management panel, you can activate/deactivate all areas of your website, easily add and edit content on your site.

Google Optimization

Everything necessary for your news site's content to appear on Google and Google News, and to be fully compatible with Google is available.


Mobile Version and Applications

Our news software is fully mobile compatible and includes versions specifically designed for mobile. In addition, if you wish, you can also choose our specially developed mobile applications.

Enhanced Mobile Infrastructure

We develop our mobile versions as closely as possible with new technologies and enhance their power with every new release.

User-Friendly Design Options

The color and font options you set for your desktop now reflect the same way on mobile, making it possible to maintain the integrity of your website.

Mobile-friendly Ad Management

With the special mobile option for the ads you want to display on mobile, it is possible to manage your ads more comprehensively.

Mobile-Specific Story Option

Present your content more actively with the powerful story feature, similar to social media platforms, with the story feature on your mobile version.

Truncated Mobile Article Content

You can conveniently condense or truncate articles on mobile screens to accommodate the limited screen space. This allows for a summarized or abbreviated version of the original article, offering readers a quick overview or key highlights of the full content.

Subscription Membership module


Introduce premium subscriptions to generate revenue and enhance your website's offerings. By implementing a subscription/membership module with a payment system, you can offer exclusive content, features, or benefits to users who opt for premium subscriptions. These premium subscriptions can provide access to premium articles, enhanced functionality, ad-free browsing, or other valuable perks.

The payment module ensures a secure and seamless payment process, allowing users to easily subscribe and enjoy the premium content. By offering premium subscriptions, you can monetize your website and create a sustainable revenue stream.


SEO Friendly for Increasing Organic Traffic

Our News Web Design services come with a tag that has been painstakingly examined for high SEO performance, ensuring that your website ranks highly in search engine results. Additionally, in order to increase social media engagement and increase content visibility, we integrate a share bar with social counter. Our designs are enhanced for Core Web Vitals and Google Page Speed, enhancing user experience and SEO rankings.

We use JSON LD structured data rich snippets to implement website schema, take advantage of Google AMP support, and guarantee SSL & HTTPS compatibility for increased security. You can be confident that we follow Validator-verified HTML best practices and use ALT image fallback to ensure proper ALT tag usage for enhanced accessibility and SEO optimization.

AI-assisted writing

Experience the power of AI-assisted writing on our news website! Say goodbye to overlooked errors and hello to polished perfection. Our AI-powered proofreading tool meticulously scans your news articles, catching grammar and spelling mistakes with unwavering precision. With AI as your trusted ally, you can confidently publish error-free articles that captivate your readers.

But that's not all – our AI technology takes content creation to new heights. It sparks your creativity, providing topic ideas, generating outlines, and offering suggestions for sentence structures and word choices. Seamlessly merge your expertise with AI's intelligent insights to craft captivating news stories that engage and inform your audience.

With AI-assisted writing, we revolutionize the way news articles are crafted. It's like having a skilled editor by your side, enhancing your writing prowess and empowering you to deliver exceptional content that resonates with readers. Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative feature that combines human creativity with the efficiency of AI.

Join the ranks of top-notch journalists and writers who leverage AI for their news writing. Experience the game-changing benefits of AI-assisted proofreading and content creation on our news website. Elevate your articles to a new level of excellence and captivate your readers with every word.


Advertisement & Marketing

Our news web design solutions go above and beyond with strong marketing tools. We seamlessly integrate the News Review System for affiliate and referral marketing, enabling you to take advantage of user reviews and increase conversions. Additionally, our designs make it simple to integrate Google Ads, allowing you to efficiently monetize your website.

You can display both image ads and Google ads flawlessly across a variety of devices if your advertising is responsive. You can easily increase your subscriber base thanks to our integrated email subscriber functionality, user-friendly widgets, and compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder Block. Additionally, to increase your potential for ad revenue, our designs support page-level ad formats like anchor and vignette ads.


Easy translation and multilingual support are prioritized in Vallettasoft's news web design solutions. With the help of our frontend translation plugin, you can easily translate the text on your website from the front end, resulting in a seamless localization process.

You can easily create a multilingual website with our designs because they are fully compatible with well-liked multilingual plugins like Polylang and WPML. To further ensure that your website can accommodate languages that are read from right to left, we also offer RTL (Right-to-Left) support for every News component. This extensive language support makes sure that your news website can deliver content in a variety of languages and orientations to a global audience.


Social Feature

With the help of our News Web Design solutions, users can quickly share your content on a variety of social media platforms with a comprehensive selection of wide social network share options. A built-in "like" feature is another feature of our designs that enables readers to show their appreciation for your articles.

View counters, share counts, and likes can all have their values modified to fit your preferences. We offer an Instagram Feed widget that you can add to the header or footer of your website to seamlessly display Instagram content. Our designs simplify the user experience by supporting simple login and registration using social media accounts. We incorporate Facebook Instant Article functionality to ensure that your articles load on the Facebook platform more quickly and efficiently.

Social buttons for your social profiles are included, enabling visitors to connect with you on various social media platforms. Our designs offer a social feed widget to display dynamic and engaging social media content directly on your website.


Elevate your news experience with our cutting-edge feature: Podcast Integration with Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating audio content as we seamlessly integrate with the leading podcast platforms.

With our podcast integration, your audience have the freedom to explore a vast library of engaging episodes. They discover compelling stories, stay informed on the go, and dive deep into the topics that matter most to them.

Stay up to date with the latest trends, uncover hidden gems, and embark on a journey of knowledge and inspiration. Our podcast integration ensures that you never miss a beat, delivering a dynamic and immersive news experience tailored to your interests.

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Special Features

The News Web Design solutions from Vallettasoft provide a wealth of features to improve reading enjoyment and keep readers interested. These features include infinite scrolling, which makes reading simple and seamless without reloading the page. With view counters , you can monitor the popularity of your posts and highlight the most popular ones. Our designs include a live search feature that enables users to locate pertinent content easily. A aesthetically pleasing and well-organized navigation system is offered by the integrated mega menu. For engaging discussions, you can incorporate the commenting systems from Facebook. To give your content more substance and authority, the review system provides three different types of review formats.

Special Features

You can build a thriving community around your news platform using the community forum powered by BBPress. We offer shopping cart functionality if your website has an e-commerce component. Your news platform can receive contributions from multiple authors, enhancing the variety of content. Users can pick out particular passages of text from your articles and share them. The user experience is improved by a reading progress bar and an estimated reading time feature. To increase functionality, our designs seamlessly incorporate well-known WordPress plugins. Push notifications on your website keep visitors informed and interested. Hovering video previews give your content an interactive component. To monetize your website, you can implement a paywall system, content locker, content subscription, and membership options.
news web design

Special Features

Flexible options for monetization are provided by the pay per post and recurring payment features. To share audio content with your audience, use an audio podcasting platform. The use of a dark mode switcher improves user accessibility and comfort. You can make unique single post templates, archive page templates, and category page templates using our designs because they are compatible with the Gutenberg editor. Users can contribute content to your platform with frontend post submission. A seamless browsing experience is provided by the autoload next post feature.

Splitting up a post's content makes it easier to organize and read. Truncated mobile article content improves viewing on mobile devices. Users can view videos as they scroll down the page thanks to floating videos. You can adjust the layout by using a website with a custom width.

Special Features

Custom galleries with integrated advertisements increase visual appeal and revenue potential. To keep readers interested, the inline related post feature suggests pertinent articles. By subscribing, users can access exclusive content through the subscribe to download feature. Mobile navigation is improved by a menu that scrolls horizontally.

Vallettasoft's News Web Design solutions give you the tools you need to build a dynamic and interesting news platform thanks to these features.

Our expertise ensures an engaging user experience, seamless navigation, and optimized performance with captivating designs and strong features. Maintain an edge over the competition, make money from your website, and establish new levels of engagement with your audience. With Vallettasoft, you can transform your news website right away and realize all of its potential.


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