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We are VallettaSoft, a web and mobile app development company. We create mobile apps for users of various operating systems such as IOS and Android.

If your business needs one let us give a brief summary on what mobile app development is. Mobile app development is the process of building mobile applications that can be downloaded and from IOS and Android systems.

Mobile app agencies in the US have increased their presence rapidly this past year, and it may be difficult for you to decide which one best fits your needs. We at VallettaSoft have been in the market as a mobile app development company for 14 years now providing the best mobile apps for any business worldwide. What makes us different is the experience that we have and the ability to adapt with what the audience requires in different countries.

Our method of work follows a different path which is focused on your needs and market requirements. We deep ourselves to gather your business insights to better understand what we can do to make your app different from the ordinary.

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At Vallettasoft we believe that great visuals and a great online experience are key to converting visitors into clients. We create eye-catching, intuitive websites, mobile apps and software UI’s that put your products and services in the spotlight.

User Experience Design

  • Creating a website from scratch using coding languages such as HTML, JAVA Script, and CSS.

User Interface Design

  • Helping a website to rank higher in search results through the use of SEO

Usability Testing

  • User experience (UX) design and creating a user-friendly website

Interaction Design

Creation of content through blog posts, copywriting, and multimedia content

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People seem to be very tied up with everyday life and what they look for is how to simplify their everyday operations. Whether you are a private medical centre or university you should consider contacting a mobile app company. It would be simpler for your patients to have their test result or future appointment reminders on their mobile app, rather than searching endlessly in their mailbox  to find when their next appointment is. 

We at VallettaSoft as a mobile app development company, are dedicated to provide the best bug-free mobile applications at competitive prices and in-depth insights to make your app accessible on all devices. 

Let us make your clients' lives easier and they will be thankful to you later.


In the United States, 85% of the population owns a smartphone. Given this, your target audience is changing, and so should you. After you finish the web design process, the first step for your company should be to create an app. 

As an app development company in the United States, we understand the importance of an application and the impact it may have on your business. An app with good design and functionality shows attention to detail and credibility to your client. 

Our company's designers and developers are extremely talented and passionate about what they do, and they take great care in every detail to ensure that your customer journey is unforgettable.

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We know that most of the US population is a loyal user of iOS but that doesn't mean that the app you want to develop for your company will be primarily focused on providing a good user experience for iOS users. 

When it comes to adapting to both iOS and Android as two different operating systems, mobile app development can be tricky. However, for us, challenging means having fun. It stimulates our intuition and makes us more creative, allowing us to deliver the best app design you could have imagined.

From our experience of 14 years we can assure you that we are capable of covering the following services: 

Modern designs, 

Notification systems, 

Payment modules, 

Progressive Web App development, 

Mail and SMS modules, 

Custom iOS and Android apps development, 

Maintenance and post-warranty support, 

Native and cross-platform solutions, 

Power management, 

Notification and geofencing. 

iOS Application Development Services

Our software and design team can help you to develop comprehensive, stable, and scalable mobile applications for iOS operating systems. In this regard, we offer:

  • iPhone App Development Services
  • iPad App Development Services


Android Application Development Services

We also offer comprehensive, stable, and scalable mobile application services for Android operating systems. In this regard, we offer:

  • Android Mobile App Development Services
  • Android TV App Development Services

Our company is very suitable for customers who want to use the API system.

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Why should you choose Vallettasoft?

So let us rewind you why we should be the first on your list; we have an outstanding experience of 14 years across different countries worldwide and our projects in the UK, Turkey, Malta,Netherland, Germany have been a huge  success.

We are dedicated to achieving our goals and providing a positive customer experience. We believe that as a mobile app development company, it is our responsibility to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the use of your app, and we strive to do our best. 

Our company values talent and workplace harmony by letting our designers and developers better express their talent and be there for you 24/7.

5 features Of our mobile app design

  • Colour 

We, as an app development company, are focused on maintaining the authenticity of your brand by creating a unique experience using colour combinations that represent the brand.

  • Homescreen

First impressions are everything, so having a visually appealing and easily understandable home screen is crucial.

  • App icon

The app icon represents your brand's logo, making users want to interact with  it. As a result, we create modern designs of app icons that are always up to date.

  • Content 

In our opinion, one of the most important aspects of app development is content, and as an app development agency, we value the creation of good content that interacts with the user.The quality of content is dependent by the images we use, the type of font, the size of the letters and how we develop the app to best showcase the content.

  • Simple content screen 

Most of the users prefer to navigate through the app by themselves and not follow mixed up schemas that show where to find this or that, which is sometimes similar to a hidden game. 

We at VallettaSoft create easy-to-understand content with clearly defined menus and instructions on how to use the app.

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