Hotel Software Solutions Benefits

Vallettasoft, as a leading mobile app agency, recognizes the tremendous benefits that mobile apps can bring to hotels. 

Increase in sales

Mobile apps help increase your hotel revenue and in-stay spend

Better target your offers using push notifications. More targeted offers lead to better campaign results, and offering the right service at the right time can do wonders for your campaign conversion rate.

Create a new revenue stream with your app

You can promote special offers, winter packages and deals at your restaurant or spa with push notifications and amplify your message. An app for your property helps you earn more from every booking by encouraging restaurant/spa bookings and room upgrades. 

Boost your direct bookings

You can use your own hotel app to create a close marketing group of highly engaged customers, encourage direct bookings through the app and reduce OTA commission. 


 The Advantages of Mobile Apps for Hotels

One of the biggest challenges that any business owner faces is turning their clients into regulars. That’s why guests' loyalty is so important. With your customers becoming brand advocates, word-of-mouth marketing can bring you many new clients. Most hotel applications give guests a possibility to collect points and obtain discounts. That creates a bond with a particular brand and turns a one-time customer into a regular.

85% of international travellers have a mobile device while exploring the world, so it is no surprise that 70% of guests want to use their phone to speed up check-in. You can enable your guests to check-in through the app and use digital door key to access their room. This will enable you to streamline your guest experience and avoid lengthy queues at reception.

Push Notifications

Mobile apps facilitate direct and instant communication between hotels and guests, improving engagement and satisfaction levels. Here's how mobile apps can enhance communication

Save Time and Costs

You can save your staff time and reduce costs by digitising your guest directory and creating your own branded app for iOS and Android devices. Your app lets your staff focus on improving the guest experience. 

Mobile Check-out and Payment

Mobile apps allow guests to check out seamlessly by reviewing their bill and making payments through the app. This reduces the workload on the front desk and expedites the check-out process.

Upselling and Cross-selling

By analyzing guest preferences and behavior, hotels can leverage their mobile apps to upsell and cross-sell additional services and amenities. This generates additional revenue streams and maximizes the guest's overall experience.


Completed Booking System

With Vallettasoft's cutting-edge Web and Mobile App design development services with OTA`s integration, discover the future of hotels.

It has hotel booking management features such as seasonal pricing, booking management, flexible rates and many more.

  • With our advanced booking management. Your customers can search availability then complete booking form and complete payment directly from your website..
  • Single Accommodation Page with room detail, price, gallery and booking form.
  • Search Availability Results based on number of adults and children.
  • Checkout page. Your customers enter their personal informations and make payment.
  • Your customers can login with their account and check booking history.

Flexible Booking & Pricing


Flexible Pricing Options

  • Seasonal Pricing: Set any prices depending on a season or specific days / dates. “Season” is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes.
  • Flexible Rates: Set different rates based on the accommodation benefits (e.g. breakfast included / no breakfast). Your guests will choose the most suitable one while placing a booking.
  • Variable Pricing: Make the prices change dynamically depending on the search parameters of your guests. Customize accommodation rates by setting price variables based on a number of guests.
  • Weekly and Monthly Rates: You can set any property rate depending on a season (any term). To create different price points based on the length of stay, you can add weekly, monthly or other customizable rates.
  • Booking Multiple Accommodations: The search algorithm is very smart, so your guests will get the most suitable results in seconds. However, the guest can skip the recommendation and make their own choice.
  • Packages and Services: Offer bookable extra services or packages (free or paid) along with the accommodation reservation. Charge per room or per person.

Flexible Booking Rules

Set min / max days to stay and available check-in and check-out dates for the entire hotel establishment, accommodations individually or seasons. You may also disable booking option for all accommodations or any one individually for a certain period of time.


Destroy Language Bareers

Apps has 40 different languages to serve to your guest can choose and communicate.

Imagine that you go to an exotic country and have problems understanding the staff. Sometimes even an accent or body language can create misunderstandings. I was in such a situation while staying in India - you're probably aware of their yes/no head nodding 😉 ). Situations like this don't take place when you organize everything through your mobile device.

Multilingual Support

You can create multilingual website for your hotel easily using Free Polylang plugin. See example demo below.

The power of the internet has allowed hotels to reach markets that they would have otherwise been able to reach. With the opening of new markets comes new challenges like language barriers. However, with the help of an app, you can provide better multilingual service.

Guests can also choose the language they want to use the app in so that communication between your hotel staff and multilingual guests is streamlined.

Payments Module

Online and Offline Payments

The booking system accepts payments through PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe and Beanstream/Bambora (these are built-in payment gateways you can use for free). Charge the full fee or deposit to confirm the booking, allow guests to pay after arrival.

Taxes and Fees

Complete and correct pricing information on all accommodation charges: add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes and fee taxes. The guests will be able to see the summary of charges before making a booking. All this info on each booking is stored in the admin dashboard as well.

iCal Support to Sync Bookings Automatically

Automatic synchronization of bookings submitted through your WordPress property rental website with those from online travel agents like Airbnb or Avoid overbooking!

Booking Management

All received bookings and booking requests in their current statuses are stored at one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view.

Discount Coupons

You’ll be able to set a discount amount, an expiration date, select accommodation types, set check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum days to stay and apply other settings to customize your coupons.


Gallery and Visual Options

  • Gallery & Image Protection Options Theme support various options to protect your works including password protected, right click, image dragging protection and watermark.
  • Amazing Backgrounds Easily applying images, patterns and colors in background of your site. Also, various repeat options are available.
  • Unlimited Colors Easily control your elements colors of your website using color picker

Responsive Design

  • With users’ behavior focus, every pages are designed to look great on all devices no matter what devices users are on laptops, tablet or mobile phone. In case, you would like to deactivate responsive feature, only one click is required in your live customizer backend.
  • Frame Frame can be enable for site layout by only one click. Also, you can choose easily the Frame Color by the color picker.
  • Boxed & Wide Layout Effortlessly select the boxed and wide layout in live customizer which reflect the result back to you instantly.
  • Social Sharing Sharing Social Button can be applied to all pages by only one click.

Increase Organic Traffic, Get more bookings

  • Optimization for Google Mobile Compatibility Check Your site’s search by Google will more visible and have better performance for mobile users. Google updated their search algorithm to give preference to websites that are optimized for proper display on mobile/handheld devices.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Theme has been built using semantic HTML code and CSS, allowing search engines crawl and index your web page easily.
  • Fully Customizable With our flexible framework, We created the powerful theme to display awesome and various portfolios and photographs options; for example, full screen image and slide show etc. Not surprisingly, no two versions of theme will ever look the same.
  • Multiple images upload This theme has advanced gallery editor which support bulks images uploader and drag&drop reorder.

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