Rota Tour

Rota Tour

20 Feb, 2016

Tour Travel Agency


We did make web design for Rota Tour and then design social media banners and digital designs.

Rotatur was established in Spain in 2005 and has been operating in the field of Tourism, International Organizations and Trade since its establishment. It offers conscious planning and programming, correct guidance, transparent working principle, quality service and service with the most appropriate opportunities in travel organizations. The company directly carries out all kinds of programs and organizations in 13 countries in Europe and outside of Europe in Morocco.

Rotatur carries out all the programs in the countries where it works, with the staff it has trained in-house or with its own guides in the countries where it works. It organizes and organizes cultural trips in the field of tourism. Activities outside of tourism are European Union Projects, Cultural cooperation between municipalities, sister city programs, Interuniversity programs and projects, Education programs and language schools. In the field of trade, it cooperated with European Union countries, Latin American Countries, America, Canada and African countries and local companies in these countries and created common working areas.