EduBoxPro Distance Education E-learning Web and APP

E-Learning Web And App

With the development of the internet industry day by day, e-learning has also become popular. Now people want to get an education without ever leaving home. 

You can be an institution or a person who wants to train online. We can help you with e-learning solutions. We have 14 years of experience in the web design industry!

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What Features Will Your E-Learning Site İnclude?

At Valettasoft, we serve with EduboxPro. So what exactly is EduboxPro? It is also a Zoom-powered system that enables online training. Whether you train as an institution or as a person, you can exist with your own identity.

The system works extremely simple for you to train your students. Regardless of your level of site knowledge, you can make the necessary changes. You can also sell online in ready-made courses. Security is doubly important as the payment system is activated. 

At this point, as Valettasoft, we are very confident in ourselves. We can create a payment system that will not victimize both your customers and you.

What other features does EduboxPro offer?

● Beautiful Templates

● Modular Pages Builder

● Assessment Engine

● Automated Certificates

● Advanced Analytics

hat Kind Of Design Will You Be Waiting For?

We are incredibly assertive about Elearning design. We offer a homepage that will encourage your students to learn. You can customize the image of your site as you wish. Moreover, it is straightforward to do this because you will have a simple admin panel.

We are designing a website where you will constantly stay in touch with your students. You will have permanent students with a social and interactive learning perspective. You can work with us to become one of the best e-learning companies.

What Can You Do With Our Software?

You will offer your customers a unique experience. Thanks to such quality systems, e-learning is in high demand. You can create separate reports for each of your students. How much do they learn? What are they better at? In this way, each of your students will be successful.

With interactive videos, you can encourage your students to learn more. This makes them feel active and allows them to be with you. With Cornerstone, you can decide what kind of learning path your students will follow. Here are the things you can edit: audio, video, digital documents, and virtual reality.

You can provide automated assignments, so your students can reinforce what they have learned. We also offer version control and experience. Moreover, you will have a site used in multiple languages, as in the best e-learning platforms.


In short, what will you be able to do with the best e-learning software?

● You can provide a comprehensive description of your courses and instructors. Our site is easy to understand and gains value with your comments.

● You can provide a certificate at the end of the courses.

● You have the opportunity to obtain a wide range of reports and analyses.

● You can create questions and quizzes for your students. Moreover, you do not have a limit.

● You will have a site integrated with the Vedubox platform.

● Thanks to the break rooms feature, you can divide your students into groups and have them work together.

● Thanks to the virtual classroom, you can provide one-on-one training to your students by using the whiteboard.

● You can observe how much your students attend classes.

● You can upload previously recorded videos to the system.

● Your site will allow you to add other plugins. So you can upload content using Scorm and Tin-Can.

At Valettasoft, we are developing systems to prevent you from having problems with payment. We create a site using the latest technologies. You can contact us at any time and take advantage of our affordable packages. We deliver your orders as soon as possible.



The way people work and learn has changed dramatically. As an organization, you need to develop your employees to keep up with the skills of tomorrow to stay competitive, while also delivering training to meet evolving compliance requirements and changing business environments.


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